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How Busy I can Get?

Yesterday was so hectic. I didn’t have enough sleep up until now because of work and kids. Yesterday, after work I have to dropped by at Faith’s school because I need to return her school uniform at the sewer because it was too small. When I arrived home, I have to prepare her snacks and dinner. so when Faith gets home, she can eat her snacks right away thus we can start studying her Filipino and Aral Pan, we need to work double time for those subjects, since she could barely understand them.

Right after we study her lessons, I need to go out at 8 in the evening to meet my eldest daughter in downtown. She has been practicing for the whole week for their music band. Today marks their acquaintance party and they have to get ready for it. She needs something to wear for their party that has the touch of 1980’s fashion. We went home late already and here I am waking up early to prepare for breakfast then work after. See how busy I can get? Can I freeze the time? LOL

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I Will Know When I Get There

I’d been planning to buy Faith her school supplies, she is very excited about it but her Dad would wire us some funds later in the afternoon yet. So maybe tonight we can already start buying her school supplies. I need to spend our money wisely since I will resign very soon; I am just rendering my one month notice. I am still contemplating either to apply to another company or not yet. I want to stay home yet to take good care of my kids but I am afraid we can’t afford all the expenses. I don’t know, I will know when I am already in the situation.

Faith keeps on telling me that she saw a Wanted sign near her school, I might be interested since it is near at work. You know how kid’s thinks, I hope it is that easy and I hope that even if I only take the Secretary jobs it can level the earnings with what I have now but not of course the salary will be too little that it could not even support my transportation. As I said I will know when I am already in the situation.

If I am there and I realized that I have so many things to sacrifice to live without work and if I would find out that I might sacrifice also my kids needs then that’s the time that I will start looking for work again, probably in a BPO since they are the only company that can accept me despite of my age.

I will know when I am in that situation, and I will decide but hopefully we can afford to support everything even without me working. I am hoping, I will know when I get there.


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I Don’t Know What To Do At All

This is what I don’t like when I will decide to work; everything is ready except for a yaya! Yes, a nanny for our kids or a helper at least to help and be with my kids when I am out for work. I know my sister is ready to assist me, but she also have family to attend to at night. And my eldest daughter, have to attend to her training and no one can send her in, I mean there is but I can’t help to get worried. I really don’t know what to do, should I pursue working offline or not. Who would tutor my youngest daughter, who will cook for them in the morning, who would prepare Faith for school and if I have to do all that during day time how can I sleep? Geez, I don’t know what to do at all.

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