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A Job Well Done

I decided to get a medical certificate before Christmas so I can join my kids to celebrate the Christmas Eve besides my throat is really not doing okay; I have a hard time taking calls because of my voice. At first I thought to just work at Christmas and I will just go home at 11 in the evening to and get back to work at 1 but for me to make sure that I can celebrate it with them, I went to the Doctor and have my throat check, I was diagnosed for Acute Laryngitis.

I went home right away after I submitted my medical certificate at work. I had fun talking to my sister at our small dining table when I heard some gun shots. I hugged Faith right away and commanded my niece and Mj to crawl on the floor, my niece kept on shouting to get the dogs inside the house before the door closed.  After a while, my nephew went out from the bedroom and asked what we were doing, he even said all the people outside looked up because of the fireworks but you here were all crawling and that’s the time we realized it was just some fireworks. I mean who expected for some fireworks in Davao, while we have a very strict rule here that we are not allowed for any firecrackers or fireworks on Christmas and New Year.

Right after the commotion, the clock strikes 12 so I gathered the kids right away to open their surprise gifts. As you can see the video Mj kept on asking what was her gift and Mariel too, no one knows this time.

Indeed, it was nice seeing them gets so excited of their gifts. I could not contain my happiness seeing them scream and so excited of what they will be getting. It was a job well done for me!

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The Video Of Her 7 Eggs

March 31, 2013 was Easter Sunday that means egg hunting. We don’t normally hunt eggs on Easter Sunday usually malls and some exclusive subdivisions would host this kind of event, I am glad that during the birthday of my friend’s niece, one of the activities that they offered for the kids were the egg hunting. Faith was able to get 7 eggs thanks to her sister because she accompanied her, where to get some eggs. Faith asked me to videotape her eggs, which I was obliged to do.

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Backstroke Video In Palaro

When my daughter had her swimming competition in PALARO, I was able to set the video perfectly during her backstroke style. She was first but later two of her opponent swam fast after her, she was only on the 3rd spot on her hit. On her second competition, she has done the 200 IM, I already aimed the camera for her but sad to say I was not able to set it to video cam and I realized that when the competition was already finished.

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Someone Like You By Adele

Mj loves music, she knows all the latest song and I learned a lot from her. One of our favorites is “Someone Like You” By Adele. I click the karaoke and now we are singing together. You might want to join us.

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