Too Busy Today, We Went To Magallanes Condominium

The road is very quiet, after the incident last night, everyone I guess just stayed home except us. The moment I went out from work, I have to fetch the kids to send them to Kumon. I supposed to meet them in Kumon, but I did not let them commute this time because of the incident last night. It is dangerous for them to ride a Jeepney.

I need to have the horn of my car repair so I send them to Kumon first; I leave them there for 30 minutes so I can look for someone to repair the horn of my car. Good thing the repair shop just near at Kumon, I was thinking to grocery shop but I just brush the idea.

After Kumon, we went to Magallanes Condominium. Mj needs to have training for her swimming since she will represent her school for DAPRISA. She needs to have some air so to survive during the competition.

While we are there, Faith meets a new baby friend, a 2 year old baby who is a resident there. They have so much fun, they were able to ride in a see saw, climbing and do the monkey bar. Faith is now behaving but she can’t stop talking.


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Make 2016 Your Healthiest Year Yet With These Simple Strategies

Back in January, many people made health-based New Years Resolutions that were designed to make them look good and feel great. Now, however, some of these individuals have abandoned their plan to optimize wellness and are now trapped in their former world of poor eating habits and sedentary living. If you’re still interested in developing healthy behaviors that can make 2016 a year of profound wellness, it’s not too late to get started. Get your health journey up and running now by implementing the following three wellness strategies:

1. Locate The Ideal Doctor.

If you’re serious about becoming a healthier person, it’s time to find the ideal doctor. She or he will play a primary role in providing you with the preventive care, wellness knowledge, and ongoing encouragement that help you keep your mind and body in excellent shape. To find the type of holistic doctor Los Angeles residents can trust to provide expedient, customized care, you may want to do some internet research. You can begin by entering a key phrase like “Locate Los Angeles Holistic Doctor.” Once you reach the results pages screen, you should see a list of hyperlinks to individual sites for doctors in the local area. When you are on the individual sites, be sure to do your research so you can learn as much about the doctor as possible. Medical professionals like Dr. Bryan MD are known for offering clients the cutting edge, involved care that promotes optimal wellness.

2. Lift Weights.

Although many people know that working out is essential to health, they have yet to integrate weight lifting into their exercise program. Don’t commit this error! Weight-lifting can provide you with a wide range of wonderful health benefits that will take your level of wellness to a new height. Some of the benefits of weight-lifting include an improved metabolism, better digestion, optimized posture, and a more shapely figure. If you lack basic information regarding how to lift weights, you can attain assistance from a personal trainer.

3. Eat Well.

The food you eat plays an integral role in determining how healthy you will be. As such, you should make sure that the odds are in your favor by consuming foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. The healthiest foods on the planet are fresh fruits and vegetables, so make sure that you integrate these items into your daily meal plan.

Don’t Delay: Start Feeling Great Today!

If you want 2016 to be your healthiest year yet, now is the time to implement strategies that will help you realize your goal. Get started now by using the wellness tips outlined for you above!

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Get Easily Tired

Its exam week this week so the kids at home are studying for their exams even Faith, I am the one who tutored Faith already, since I am not working at all. So far we are doing well but I want to let her study even there are no lesson to study and I wanting that to practice. Because sometimes I would forget it or I become too lousy. I don’t know what happen to me these days, I easily get tired. I need vitamins that would boost my energy. Mj when she did not took her vitamins for days she got sick right away, so I must not forget Faith to let her take her vitamins. No matter how lousy I am or tired I am I still have to get up every day and prepare Faith for school. I know I can get rid of these being tired everyday; I must put an inspiration to myself not to get tired. I am envious with Mom who is always on the go, what kind of vitamins should I take? Can you suggest one?

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Exercise On A Regular Basis

If you are someone who is suffering from a rather fast resting heart rate, then it probably means that you need to work some exercise into your life. Most people do not get enough exercise these days because they are stuck sitting at an office desk all day as they try to get some work done in a timely manner. You should always try to work in some cardiovascular exercise on a regular basis to make sure that you can improve your heart health on a daily basis. The heart rate training tips and tools at are a great place to start when you want to pay more attention to your current heart health. There are many different types of exercises that you can use to your advantage when you need to get into shape, but you also have to think about the types of foods that you are consuming on a daily basis if you want to improve your overall health. Many people think that they can improve their health by simply going for a jog on a daily basis, but the reality of the situation is that you usually need a way to track your progress if you are going to be able to stick with your plan over the long term. When you have a heart rate monitor by your side, it becomes easier to track your heart health progress and stay motivated with your long term goals.

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