Face Painting: My Monster Beast

It was New Year January 1st at 1:30 p.m.; we were invited to attend a birthday party of my son’s friend. The birthday was held in Zoofari, the party was filled with games and fun and not only that, my friend also hired a face painting for the kids who would love their face to be designed of fairies, butterflies and the likes. When my youngest daughter was asked what design she would like, she pointed immediately the monster beast. The face painter convinced her to just choose a different one but nope she was very firm with her choices. The face painter could not do anything but to grant her request. My niece asked her to smile after the painting but Faith said monster beast does not smile so she didn’t.

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Face Painting On The Engagement Party

This has been the second time that my eldest daughter has done face painting, the first one was when she was invited for a birthday party to one of her classmates, I have let her to attend the party since it was held only nears at home. When she went back to the house, she had a nice painting on her face. I think I already posted it here in this blog.

Just recently, we were invited again for a party, this time it was the engagement party of my friend. She expected some kids to attend to with their parents so she thought face painting would be the best entertainment for the kids. I just suggested for a company that caters face painting and such and she was glad that she came to the right place because their designs were cute and most especially the kids love it. Here’s my daughter posing with her face painting on.

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