Stop Fighting!

I was so ready for work but damn I need to wash the dishes from last night. I thought it was already taken care of by my eldest daughter or my niece when they went home last night but nope they did not. I wasn’t able to take good care of it last night because I was too tired and I felt like just a slight blown of the wind I will be knock out in no time. So right after Faith is done with her Kumon, I hit the bed right away.

I was so confident that Mj doesn’t have school and she won’t go out since she already went out yesterday for their P.E. practice, I was positive that somebody will watch after my youngest daughter. I know that Faith is already 10 years old and somehow can take good care of herself at home but I can’t let her since she have easy access in our computer and TV. I don’t want her to spend her day just in front of these two equipment, I am telling you, it would make her very hyper, the worst is it would make her imagination explore. I can’t let her watch or use the computer without us around, you know how kids can be curious of some “things

I was about to prepare for work but Mj woke up all so sudden and said she have school and blah blah blah. I was so surprised and I was so mad, she just blurted out without explaining anything. I lose my temper, I gone mad and I was shouting already. I felt like a volcano ready to explode but Faith woke up and crying, she told me the reason why she woke up. Faith was awakened by my loud voice, she went back to the bedroom but I didn’t stop yelling at her sister. I thought she went back to sleep but to my surprised I found her crying while saying this word “stop fighting!”

I approached her and explained why I was so mad, she then answered that she could not help to think that I will disown her sister. With that her being said, I took a breath, let myself calm for a minute, and then went back to the living room where Mj is seated.

Understanding, sometimes we may think it is easy but the process is hard. You have undergo commotion, arguments even negotiation for us to be able to know the causes and the circumstances ahead. We may like it or not but we have to come up with a deal that will be fair to everyone involved. We may not be able to understand it at first but what matters most is that, we were able to decide, it may not be the best but it is agreed upon for both parties.

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How to Plan for the Moment Your Meet the Love of Your Life

Some couples that have been in a relationship for a decade or more are able to pinpoint the exact moment that they knew they loved their significant other. And it’s unlike anything you have ever felt or imagined before. Love takes work. It isn’t all fairytales and rainbows, like you see in the movies. And you can’t really prepare yourself entirely for falling in love. But you can plan for the moment with a few life-bettering techniques.

Love Yourself First

Before you love anyone else, you should strive to love yourself. You are the only you in the world. There is no one that comes close to your uniqueness, despite their being 7-billion others on the planet. And, of those billions, you could have multiple love interests. But you should be your first one. Talk to yourself in the mirror, tell yourself how great you are, and really focus on loving who you are and what you stand for as a complete person. No one will ever complete you—but they CAN complement you. Focus on you and what you like before you plan on focusing on someone else.

Be Open to New, Exciting Experiences

When you feel that you are ready for whatever comes your way, be it love or adventure, be open to new and exciting experiences. Instead of saying no because someone looks different than what you expect of your soulmate, say yes because you might have an amazing time hanging out with a genuinely awesome person. Leave your shallowness at the door, and learn to love others the way you learned to love yourself.

Let It Happen

Falling in love is something that simply happens—no plans, rhymes, or reasons. So, let it happen. Don’t push to be in love. When you reach a certain age, you understand why teenage “love” is often called puppy love. Because most of the time, that kind of love is naïve and immature. If you want a love that lasts, open yourself to the possibility of mature love with compassion and understanding. Believe that love can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere, whether you are a Lake County family attorney, or a circus performer traveling from one place to another.

When you fall in love, you have the choice to let it progress and learn from it, or end it completely. However, before that, the aforementioned list could help you plan for the moment your love comes into your life, regardless of how long it takes or how long your future relationship lasts.c

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How to Budget for a Home Renovation Project

Home renovation can seem like a challenging project right from the outset for most homeowners. If you’re like a lot of people, you’re probably afraid to even start a job after all the horror stories you’ve heard.

The fact is that some renovation jobs do go wrong. People go over budget, work takes too long and the project just doesn’t come out right. That doesn’t mean that’s what’s going to happen to your project though.

A lot of the home renovation jobs that go south are the ones that weren’t planned properly to begin with. To keep your job from becoming a cautionary tale, use this guide to help you properly budget for your renovation work.

Doing that can ensure that you have success and get the home you want instead of the renovation job of your nightmares.

Know Your Home’s Needs

Before you can really set a helpful budget for your home renovation project, you need to figure out what your home really needs. Doing this is going to require some serious planning and forethought on your part.

Don’t rush into a renovation job just because you want more space for your home. Instead, take the time you need to really figure out what it is that will improve the function of your space for you and your family.

Once you determine that, you can begin to think about how your renovation will impact the value of your home. Adding more space can be helpful, but overbuilding your home in your area may not help the value as much as you’d like.

Get Three Quotes

When you’re hiring a contractor to work on a home renovation project, it can be simple to hire the first person that seems qualified for the job. If the price is right, they may be an ideal choice for your work.

That doesn’t mean that you should just skip getting other quotes. When you’re doing home renovation work, your best bet is to get three different quotes to make sure that you get a fair price and the right contractor for the job.

When you get quotes, make sure the people you’re meeting with have relevant experience. They should be able to show you past work that they’ve done and provide references to that work.

Click for more information on finding the right contractor for your home renovation project.

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Dad Is Annoying Me

Our youngest daughter and my husband were talking on the phone. My youngest was telling her dad what she wanted for Christmas. My husband likes to tease her and told her she would get one green and on red sock if she was not good. Our daughter insisted that socks were not a Christmas gift, they were just something you bought at the mall and that she really wanted the two items she had requested (a Yippet and a Fijit). Well he said that socks were a Christmas gift and not only was she going to get one green and one red sock her sister was going to get one yellow and one black sock. Our youngest ran to me and said “Mom, dad is annoying me.”

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