It Went Higher

Last Saturday, my eldest daughter asked me if she can swim in the nearby clubhouse. I said yes since I know that she missed swimming a lot. It was already 6 in the evening that she finished; they just dropped by at 7/11 to eat some snacks and went home. I guess she went home at around 7¬†in the evening. She was okay the next day but she’s starting not to get okay at Tuesday, she said she had a slight fever. I had to work at that time and thought that she will be okay since I told her to take some medicines. I was worried when I went out to work; I was worried for both of my kids so I sent a message to my niece and told her to let Faith sleep with her since Mj was not feeling well.

I sent them text message from work at 11 in the evening and Mj sent me a picture of the temperature of her fever, it was 39.8. I told one of my nieces to put a cold compress so to cool her down, I was then informed that they already did it and her fever went down a little. I told Mj then that we need to go to her Pedia once I get home. Good thing that we were dismissed early at work so I was able to get home a little bit early than usual.

She was still sick when I got home, so I told her to be ready for a checkup. It was a right timing because the clinic was not that busy, we were done in just an hour or two. The diagnosed was a tonsillitis¬†that is why she chilled last night resulting to high fever. We thought since she already took some medicines, her fever won’t get back but I was wrong because around 2 in the afternoon, she became uneasy again, when I touched her forehead she was dreading hot, around 3 in the afternoon, her fever went higher to 39.9, I decided then not to go to work, I need her to be okay plus she asked me if I can stay at home. So I informed our supervisor, I also called our workforce hotline to get the reference number for my absence. Good thing our supervisor understands, I was still spared for my absence and thank GOD that my daughter is healed now.

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During Rainy and Dengue Season

It was summer when my nephew was suffered dengue fever. It was a down time moment for all of us because the kid needs blood immediately, he was so weak already and vomited. So in terms like this we need extra protection and are cautious of your surroundings.

It is better to know ahead when you go outdoors. Avoid places that has damps as these are mosquitoes love to stay so much. When you are outdoors try to use odorless perfumes. Mosquitoes are attracted to heavy odor or perfumes so avoid wearing scented lotions or cologne or perfumes. Wear light color clothes and when it is rainy season try to wear clothes that cover your body. Then make sure that your kids get proper nutrients mostly Vitamin C to boost their immune system. Children that have poor immune system are mostly the one who would get weak easily when sick

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Dengue Shock

It is very sad to know when one of the family members is suffering from an illness. It is really draining especially when money is at stake. Last Thursday my sister called and said if I could send her to the hospital for a check-up. Her son has an on and off fever, and that day was the worst because her son is complaining of a stomachache and he said his eyesight is blurry. On our way to the hospital, I noticed rashes on his hand, I asked my brother-in-law immediately if Yanyan has rashes but he said none. So I assume it is maybe a usual stomachache. I send them to the hospital and went back to Kumon to fetch her so I could send her to the training. When we went home, my sister called me from the phone and informed me of Yanyan’s condition. He needs blood right away as his platelet was so low. My nephew was sent to the ICU immediately because of a dengue shock. That night my brother-in-law, looked for blood immediately, they also put oxygen and some gadgets to monitor his heart’s condition. Right now, his platelet is improving after two bags of blood were replaced into his system. But since they are in ICU, the expenses are getting bigger. Anyway, I know GOD will provide for everything and he will never leave to those who are in need. What we need right now are your prayers that could help us a lot.

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