Walking Around The Village

I needed to fetch Faith early today so we can attend her Kumon but then when I got to school, they’re not done yet. The teacher told me that they are having a small birthday party. One of her classmates is celebrating her 9th birthday. We waited there for a long while since the snacks did not come yet. And I was sure we will not be able to get to her Kumon on time then I realized also that I wasn’t able to bring the Kumon worksheets. So it would be a waste of effort if we still go there.

I promised Faith that I will be walking her around the village before memorizing the Multiplication table. So when we arrived home, Faith changed her clothes right away then we walk around the village. She had a great time though especially when we dropped by at our friend’s house.

She had a blast today but right after she cried because of the Multiplication table. I asked her to memorize them but she tends to forget what number is next. We are still up to 6 though and I was planning for her to master the Multiplication table at least next month.


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The Music And My Eldest

Mj just started with her drum lesson. Good thing that they only require a pair of drum sticks only if not I guess I could not let her enroll because the drum set is just too much expensive. The moment I bought her the pair of drum stick she could not be happier, she can’t believe that finally, I let her enroll and learn something that she has been asking for so long now. If before she was dying to learn how to play guitar, now she is very hyper with what she learns whenever she arrived from her class, tomorrow I don’t know what else she would like to learn, I hope something that I can afford too.

 photo 13051677_10208814199368414_927790276810150608_n.jpg

This picture was taken when we bought the drum sticks. We were on our way home that suddenly the kids got hungry and since we were able to pass by at 7/11, the kids pointed the store for us to grab something to bite.

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Turbo Drawing

After we watched Turbo movie in the TV. Faith draw him instantly, and we are all giggled of what it came out. Good job Faith!

 photo IMG_0174_zps7b2dfe34.jpg

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A Very Busy Kid Inside The Fun House

After we have an appointment in Kaakbay, I tag Faith to SM, we arrived so early and it’s too early to have lunch. So I asked her if she would like to go to the Fun House. She was so excited to hear it; it has been a long while since she visited the Fun house. I endorsed her there; I went to the grocery store right away to buy some food items for the house. When I went back to the Fun House, Faith was so busy with playing, she looks like very excited and she got over whelmed with the tons of toys in front of her.

 photo IMG_0122_zps1a7e95cd.jpg

Here’s Faith from the glass wall, I just arrived at this time when I saw her driving this cart.

 photo IMG_0123_zps10c65e69.jpg

Ooops she is spotting something

 photo IMG_0126_zps2948d1ac.jpg

Ooops she rode another cart but there’s another kid who would like to ride also in the same cart.

 photo IMG_0127_zps483eded9.jpg

And because she can’t say no and just share the cart to the kid, she went up to the top.

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