Comfortable In The Hotel

These are my two daughters at the hotel we stayed after Faith’s birthday; they were so comfortable with their beds while watching TV.

 photo HPIM0125-1_zpsaa862d18.jpg

Just like in the other hotel, I was not able to sleep during the first night because of too many fears. I was worried about lots of things. I even tried to find emergency exits on the floor where our room was so in case of some emergencies I could drag the kids and we could easily go out of the building.

The picture below was kulitan moments, Mj tried to fixed and bed and suddenly Faith ride on her back. They smiled when I told her so for capture moments.

 photo HPIM0220_zps300c3051.jpg

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Their Ultimate Dream Is To Visit Disney World

When I was just a kid, I was so fascinated with Disney Characters, I even wanted to go in Walt Disney World to see them in person but obviously we could not afford to buy any packages that they had offered.

I am a mother of two now and like me, my kids dreamed of visiting the place, my husband wanted to grant those wishes so we checked the Disney World Vacation Packages and their great deals to enjoy with. We are not rich though we had enough savings if in case we would decide for a grand vacation with of course affordable rates but with good accommodation for a hotel to stay.

I am sure if this vacation will take place, the kids would enjoy the Disney World and would savor the moment when we are there. The attractions are the best; I am sure to experience the Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and the Haunted Mansion. And since I love spas, I might try their spa service to relax. I am sure for us to go to their Theme Parks too. My kids had been so good lately, Mj always won their swimming competition, and Faith is doing well at school, don’t they deserve the best getaway this year? Of course they do, and we will do our best to give them what they deserved.

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