The Gift Of A Meal

If it’s difficult deciding on a gift for someone you love, then consider meal gift baskets. These aren’t the traditional baskets with lotion or soap in them. They have ingredients for a meal or even a few gift cards for restaurants. There are numerous ways to make a meal basket depending on what the person enjoys and how much money you want to put in the basket.

A breakfast basket is an idea for someone who is up early in the morning or someone who enjoys making breakfast for the family. You can include anything from muffin mix to pancake mix. Include a bottle of pancake syrup, a spatula, coffee and a mug or two. If you want to make a basket with lunch items, then you could put a small loaf of bread inside, jars of peanut butter and jelly and a few other items that are easy to fix for lunch. This is where you should think about what the person can eat or what the person enjoys. Children might like macaroni and cheese while older adults might enjoy soup.

Making a basket with meals for dinner can be a bit more complicated. This is the kind of basket that you can make with a few gift cards to favorite restaurants, especially if the person lives alone or doesn’t have a lot of time to cook. Spaghetti, sauce and similar items can be included in the basket. A meal basket is an idea that you could consider for someone who has recently moved into a new home or for someone who has recently had a baby. You can make this kind of basket for an elderly person who might not be able to fix large meals. This is a basket that can be given for a birthday or anniversary as well. If you make the basket for an anniversary, put a wine glass or two inside as well as a small bottle of wine or champagne. After everything is in your basket, wrap it in clear cellophane so that the person can see what’s inside. Tie the top of the basket with a decorative ribbon that blends well with the items that are inside.

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Fashion Tracing Desk For My Little Girl

Just last Saturday, my friend surprised me with a gift for Faith. It was her belated Christmas gift for Faith and early birthday gift. Of course I did not open it myself, but when I arrived home and told Faith about it. She did not stop asking me to open it, we opened it together and Faith was surprised and so happy with her gift. But Ate Mj has to do the sketching since Faith do not know how to draw it.

 photo 1604935_10202506047668564_182003873_n_zpsd5748ca4.jpg

See how happy my Faith is? She has this even when we were sleeping.

 photo 20140119_005506_zps43729993.jpg

This is what her sister Mj sketched, Faith was so delighted about it that she wants me to take a picture of it right away.

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