Done With The Re-Evaluation

Faith is diagnosed for ADHD when she was in kinder. Don’t feel bad about it, my daughter is okay, we just need to correct her behavior so she can focus more.

So our evaluation just done last Friday, I really thought that we can transfer her already in a big school, the school near us but I was wrong because she still need to improve more, she still can’t focus, she talks a lot even while completing her task, she’s very impulsive and distracted.

Her Math evaluation for school related skills was yet in Grade 3 and she’s already in Grade 4. She whined when she have to answer the Math problem.

But with Science and Reading comprehension, she is so advanced for it.

The Doctor suggested for a Math Tutorial and a Behavioral Therapy.

I was thinking to continue her Kumon in Math and won’t do a Behavioral Therapy that if I will stop working. To stop working is to sacrifice for some extra stuff. If I stop working, our outside activity like eating in a restaurant, or Jollibee or McDonalds will be limited. We need to budget a lot with foods to eat at home, allowances, and transportation, which means no Taxi even all the Jeepneys are full.

I know that if I am working I can provide them all the stuffs, especially Mj will be in college soon. I can help big time with our expenses at home. But I really have to think about this, I also don’t want to compromise the things that my kid’s needs especially with their school and education.

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No Lunch Yesterday

It is exam week, the schedule that was indicated in the paper that was submitted to us, is that they can go home at 2:00 in the afternoon. I was not able to fetch them up right away because I and my workmates went to a computer shop to check some desk tops. My other friend also has to pay them so he can get already the desk top that he ordered from them. They treat me for lunch right after. I didn’t know at all that Faith did not bring her lunch because Mj told Sister Merlyn not to bring them lunch because they will go home at 12:00, which is I don’t know at all. I expected them to go out at 2:00 p.m. so they have to bring lunch.

It was already 3 in the afternoon that I arrived home, they told me right away that they don’t have lunch and that they were waiting for me. I scolded Mj for not telling me at all, she said sorry and said that Faith is really hungry. I bought them some lunch in 7/11. Faith likes the Lasagna as always, they ate their lunch inside the car while I was driving them home.

This morning, Sister Merlyn prepared lunch for Faith and she put it in the lunch bag. Mj said to bring the pack bag instead of the stroller bag. So I let her transfer Faith things in the pack bag while I was preparing the car. I thought she transferred all the things and just now I just knew that she did not. She called me a while ago and said that Faith doesn’t have lunch, I am still working in my blog and I can’t just leave my work! I told her to buy Faith lunch at school since I can only fetch her later yet. Good thing I gave her extra allowance today, geez teenagers these days!


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Selfie Time For Her

I was browsing in my Ipad when I saw these pictures of Faith. Actually this is not the first time that she is taking pictures of herself. I just found these one of the cutest.

 photo 13230224_10208933397628296_3952512904567793999_n.jpg

She likes editing her pictures, she even edited mine. I have this picture that she captured “Kids love your Mom” it was the sweetest message for me, it is like reminding herself that no matter how much she doesn’t like my rule for her sometimes, she have to love forever.

On the other hand, I went to McDonalds booth at NCCC mall to get the entrance ticket for their workshops grand graduation day, I don’t have any idea what will happen to the event, all I know is that have to go there, need to pay yet my entrance fee of P 85.00 so I can watch her inside the gym.

 photo c010c923-4207-4ca4-b9eb-22472d4b0e2c.jpg

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Kids Need Attention

When our kids committed mistakes we oftentimes gave them the “time out” for them to learn from their mistakes. But there are times that we forgot of giving them the reason why we need to give them punishments.

There are times that we only give our attention to them when they did something bad. Don’t you know that kids even if they know that it is not good to do things like that but since we are just attentive to them when they commit mistakes, they would simply do it? It is not that they don’t know it is bad but they know it is most often than not, they want your full attention to them. Discipline doesn’t mean to give them punishment when they do something that is not pleasing but it should be teaching and learning.

Kids need attention – Whatever it is, it could be positive or negative. Most of the time when we are too busy, we oftentimes forget them, we just tend to let them play gadgets or watching TV,  kids needs our attention so even if they do it negatively, they would push it because for kids negative attention is better than to have no attention at all. This is what I am lacking of, and I always remind myself everyday to take just a few minutes with them, free from any distractions, and do something they want to do. I know everyone is busy, and finding extra time in a day could be hard at first but think of this like an investment in your relationship with your kids. This could be daunting but when you know this is for them to avoid poor behavior, this will have a great impact in the future.

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