Reclaim Your Free Time

If you rolled your eyes or sighed when you saw the words “free time” because you can’t remember what free time feels like, then you need to find out how to reclaim it. Leaving an opening in your daily schedule and reserving a block of time each week for a fun adventure, a pampering indulgence, a family outing, romantic moments or some quiet personal time can strengthen family bonds and be physically and mentally reenergizing.

Daily Free Time

If you’re juggling work, kids, housekeeping and multiple other activities each day, you may need to make a slight adjustment in your daily schedule in order to claim some personal time each day. Doing things such as getting up 30 minutes earlier than everyone else or working out a childcare arrangement with your partner or another busy mom so that each of can have some uninterrupted personal time can get you some free time. Getting and staying organized will enable you to enjoy some free time. You can ease the morning rush by taking time each evening to set out the wardrobe for you and the kids each night and having lunch and snack prepared ahead of time. Establishing this routine can provide you an extra 15 to 30 minutes each morning.

Make Free Time a Priority

It’s highly likely that free time will not just appear in your day or week. You will have to intentionally find free time. You can do this in a variety of ways. One way is to let someone else do the cooking. You could take the family to a restaurant, take advantage of a local restaurant’s delivery service, explore the option of home meal delivery programs or arrange a meal swap with another busy parent. Another way to intentionally create free time is to relive yourself of some of your housekeeping duties. House cleaning services Bethesda md will work with you to create a cleaning schedule and provide the services that you desire.

It’s important that you create family memories. You can do this by making time for fun family outings and spending quality time at home with the kids. You need personal time to rest and reenergize so that you can function at your optimum best at home and at work. Take advantages of the resources available to help lighten your load and brighten your day.

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Protect Your Kid’s Skin During Summer

When Mj was still a kid and had a hard training for swimming. I always don’t mind putting sunscreen lotion on her skin until I was rebuked by my friend. She was the only who told me that putting sunscreen lotion to her skin should be a routine before her training especially during the excruciating heat of the sun. So from then on, I always have her lotion ready before her training.

Even if your kid is not swimming, even if you just have a simple walk in the park, it is very important for us parents to have your kids wear protective clothing or sunscreen for your kid’s skin to avoid skin damage. Our weather today is very much different with the one that we have before especially during summer.

Your kids should be wearing the SPF 30 or even higher for maximum protection. The skin disease that your kids might get if they don’t wear sunscreen are skin rashes, sunburn, cell and tissue damage. If one of your kid activity is swimming, make sure you apply her or his the water resistant sunscreen lotion, which can help protect skin from UVA and UVB rays. Remember lotion can be wash off in water, so you should reapply the lotion at least every one hour.


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Hand, Foot And Mouth Disease For Children

HFMD is a very common but not serious disease. Usually when young children can have this when they are old enough to go to school and go to playground. When a child acquires this, they will develop small sores or blisters in the sole of their feet, palms, hands and around the mouth. Sometimes the infections would appear in the diaper area. This kind of disease is easily to pass on and the sores can be very painful. Please note that this disease can be cure without that much complication in a few days. It is also different from the foot and mouth disease that is from a cattle and livestock.

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Distinguish Cold and Allergies

It is indeed hard to distinguish between cold and allergies, how can you identify when your child’s sniffles especially this time of the year. Just take note when allergies attacks it will most often than not includes watery eyes and itchy ears, repeatedly ear infections and postnasal drip most likely occurs. The allergies attacks mostly affect kids with eczema, or when a family has a history of allergies and would connect usually with the change of season.

Now, with colds it will start usually with a sore throat that would lead to runny nose. And eventually a fever will follow and then fatigue in a day or two. Symptoms of having a cold can persist anywhere from maybe a few days to one or two weeks.

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