Past Time

Whenever I and my kids are just at home, we either just watched movies in Netflix or doing Karaoke but recently we just could not do the latter because our microphone is busted.

This past time is actually could save everybody’s bucks. You can keep your budget right if you can watch movies at home. ¬†You know how much is the movies nowadays especially if the movie is a blockbuster. When I watched a movie, I can only bring one of my kids, either Faith or Mj, I could not bring them together at the same time because I am sure I would spend more than I only supposed to spend. Thus, if you want to enjoy a movie together with the whole family, then just watch it at home.

Doing Karaoke or singing together at home can be the most fun activity. Most of us I believe is always a singer at heart. Even though we don’t have that golden voice, as long as we can find time or a chance for us to sing, we just gladly took the opportunity. Buying a new mic that can enhance our voice would be a nice idea and of course with a good component as well. On the other hand, the other day my sister just brought me a new microphone and right away, we sang our heart out.

We are also into playing some music instrument and Mj always finds a way to learn some piece. And recently she was able to find a way for our piano to play, she did it with the cord of our laptop, she plugged it in our piano and it works.

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