Spelling And Reading

Mj is now in Grade 7 so I am not assisting her anymore but Faith I will have my full support on her nowadays, especially with this K12 system. Faith is only 5 years old but their lesson is just so hard to understand on her age. Last night, I tried to let her memorize the spelling of each word for the numbers since she was not able to answer that of their last quiz. For only one to ten, we already spend one hour for that. I mean how can a five years old would be able to memorize all the spellings. She can read but she would forget at times.

For me not to get stress with all these, I just let it be, if Faith could not pass this kindergarten stuff, which supposedly she is still in Pre-K since she was only nursery last year, then be it. But I am still trying hard for her to learn specially in reading and spelling. I will not quit even though I would almost shout for her to determine what’s next after a certain letter so she will know. I am trying to hold back though; I don’t want her to think that studying is a day to day struggle.

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