Teach Them How To Save

I am so glad that my youngest daughter has the initiative to save.

I gave her P 20.00 everyday as her extra allowance aside from the cracker and Yakult she brought to school for snacks. I gave her P 20.00 so if she have something she would like to buy, she have money to pay for it. However, later on I found out she is not spending it instead she save it. I encouraged her to save more so she can get the books she would like to buy. But it was last month that someone stole her money inside her wallet. She cried so hard because she saved that for my birthday. The guidance counselor talked to her about it. She was relieved somehow, she told me about it, scared that I will be mad. She was surprised because I did not, I mean she already had a terrible day at school and I do not want to add anything on her shoulder. I let it pass but I advised her to leave the money at home she saved at home, in that way it will be secure, she hesitated at first but she was convinced at the later time.

To inspire her, I always show how much money she already saved. She was happy to find out is getting bigger.

We joined the Binge Book Sale and she was able to buy Myths Busted 2 and The Warrior Cats. We paid for it out from her savings and yesterday after we claimed her report card, we went to Big Bad Wolf Book Sale and she bought Miss Peregrine Book and 2 Land of Stories.

Her books are a bit expensive, good thing we were able to join the two events that give us discounts and that she was able to afford it since she saved. So if you have kids her age, it is better to teach them how to save so they would know how hard it is to earn money.

If you want to get something, you must do some savings.

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When Will These Pigs Be Full?

It has been a while that these piggy banks are with me, but until now they are still not full. It’s either I forgot to put coins or I don’t have anything at all since I commute everyday to work. Yeah our car is still not fix.  I got disappointed though because when I kept on putting coins on it, I noticed it decreases, I know someone is taking some coins, peaking from my piggy banks and no one would tell the truth and I am disappointed so it has been like weeks now that I don’t have the mood to drop some coins. But I know someday I will, someday I will be inspired again and hopefully the pigs will be full, hopefully.

It should have the kids piggy banks, but they are not taking dropping coins seriously, I mean I think Faith is because whenever I asked her to drop coins, she is just so excited to do it. I will have to encourage her again, I will somehow.

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Saving For The Future

I once saw a piggy bank at the mall when we were looking for something to decorate in our bay. I had been looking for a piggy bank for me to save some coins, I didn’t know I can only find it in Victoria Plaza Mall, the pioneering mall here in Davao. There’s only rare time that I visit this mall even though I always passed by it from work, oh well maybe it just that it is an old mall and I thought that nothing much is in there but I was wrong, they have the latest trends when it comes to clothing, apparels and the like and mind you their items are very much affordable and the things that you can’t find in the other mall, they have it there just like my piggy bank.

I got interested with buying a piggy bank because one of my friends does this and it is effective to him. And I thought its a good idea, at least I have something to look forward to when the piggy bank is full. When my eldest daughter saw it, she is also planning to drop some coins there but I told her, it would be better if she will drop P 5.00 or P 10.00 so when the time comes that we need to break the piggy bank, we had a lot to see.

I am looking forward so I can buy my kids goods, things that they truly deserve.

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