“Hearts” Began With a Dream

“Hearts” is an international organization for women of God and is a Christian women’s fellowship that helps women walk and achieve in God’s divine and yet individual purpose and plan.

Sabrina M. Evans was given an amazing dream by God in April of 2016. Thousands of women throughout the world were pregnant with visions and dreams given by Him, but they were not being fulfilled because of adversities and hearts heavy with distress. Other women had infants and toddlers, but they did not appear real because their visions and dreams had been aborted.

Then the Lord Jesus appeared a number of times to her and gave her detailed instructions to commence what quickly turned international in just one month: an organization to service God’s daughters and achieve His plan and purpose for their lives and to have peaceful hearts. Jesus even told her what to name the organization…Hearts.

“Hearts” has gone on to facilitate ministries and churches in their Chapters of Hearts using prayer, programs, workshops, and inspiring social connections to support women’s faith and love. The goal is to have women be able to overcome everyday struggles and hardships, being overwhelmed, feeling hopeless and powerless, feeling discouraged and insufficient, or fears of failure.

God has stepped in and is raising up His daughters as an end-time army willing to commit their lives to the Kingdom’s cause: the Great Commission, which will fulfill their destinies in God’s design in marvelous ways, push back on problems, and win the souls of others by showing how to accomplish goals and overcome odds. An example is their “Legacy,” which is a vocational training program that assists women to start their own small businesses with a gift of a small amount of start-up funds to purchase needed items and then teach them how to become self sustainable to help meet the basic needs of their families.

Each woman is to walk in her own individual beauty and greatness. The goal is to be the spiritually-strong, empowering, wise, loving, sensitive, resourceful, compassionate, dynamic and forgiving creation that God made in the splendidness of His glory.

This international sisterhood of heart warriors believes that women have been given the strength and courage to support and encourage themselves and others through their struggles and overcome adversity. They would be happy to open their arms to you and help you to soar like an eagle to the heights of your visions and dreams and renew your strengths and your faith.

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