Tips To Relate Your Teenage Daughter

Middle school is such an interesting time and it can be pretty confusing for a young lady. As a parent, there are so many things you can do to be supportive, loving and attentive during these times when hormones are raging and emotions are flying. Consider these tips to relate to your teenage daughter in the midst of the middle school years.

1. Conversations
It’s important to make sure that you keep the channels of communication open between you and your daughter. If you don’t, you’ll struggle to maintain a relationship. During these next few years, your daughter will go through a lot of emotional and physical changes. The hormones are at an all-time high and you’ve got to remember that when you’re in communication with her. Always make sure to let your daughter know that she’s loved by you. Make sure that she understands that she can come to you with anything as well. It’s also wise to maintain a clear channel of communication open with her teachers. After all, her teachers will be spending a lot of time with her. Always check in as a concerned parent. Do your best to avoid being a helicopter parent. You never want to hover.

2. Accessories
During this time, most young girls are figuring out what they like. They’re starting to wear lipgloss and eyeshadow. They’re beginning to care a lot more about their appearance. For most people, middle school is the first time to experience the joys of having a locker. Consider purchasing a few locker lookz and accessories to celebrate all that comes with being a middle-school student.

3. Friendships
It’s a good idea to get to know your daughter’s friends. It’s so important to know your child’s influences and friends. Create a safe space for your daughter’s friends to get to know you and vice versa. Host a fun afternoon pizza party on the weekend and invite all of your daughter’s close friends. Don’t spend the entire time hanging out with them. You do want to give them a chance to connect with one another. However, it is important to be aware of the conversation and what they’re getting into.

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Where is the Love?

My kids had their recital on March 3 last month, I really asked my boss to allow me to take a half day absent because I need to attend and will watch their show. Good thing, they approved it, even though it was already the last minute that I informed them about the event.

I think I already posted here their recital but not this video that I will be posting a little bit later. I loved to dance and when I was still young, I used to dance; I even joined dance performance during our scholar’s sports fest in college. And I am proud to say that I and my team dance hip hop so well (grinning)  and maybe Mj took that talent from me because she danced so well too. She looks conscious with the stepping but she conquered it until the very last minute.

I was a proud Mom when I watched her and I can’t help to scream and cheer for her. Yeah, it sounded like she is in a competition, striving so hard to win, I feel like it.

On the other hand, I was able to take a video of her and her school mates dancing their heart out in NCCC Mall. They look so cool and I was teary eyed!

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Free For The First Time

Last Friday, when my daughter went home from the party, she was so alive and said she enjoyed it a lot.

It was her first time to attend a birthday party on her own at her classmate’s house, the place was a bit far from school but I didn’t worry because she said her teacher will accompany them and besides they are riding in a car of the one of the heads of the school.

It was past 7:00 p.m., that I am texting her to get home, she then told me they are on their way and they are already approaching at their school. So I waited for them to stop at the school, when she hopped in, in our car she has so many stories she told me about. She was so thankful that I allowed her for the first time. I can see the fun and contentment on her face.

She said, they ate spaghetti the moment they arrive at the house, then they went to their other classmate who is just a neighbor of the celebrant. They ate a lot of foods, they had games and she bonded with her classmates as well.

She was free for the first time because mostly I always say no or I will accompany her to the place but that time since I don’t know anyone, I decided to let her but I’ve made sure of her safety, like who’s with her and who would send them to the place.

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Lower Abdomen

Mj has been complaining of her lower abdomen she said it was a bit painful. It has been like a couple of week that she is complaining of that especially in the morning although it was on and off, it gave me an alarm. But some of the parents said maybe she will be having her period soon and some of the parents said it might be a UTI. She doesn’t have any fever though but if the pain would continue for consecutive days, I might send her to the Pediatrician but I hoped it is but only a period and nothing serious.

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