An Angry Mom

I am sorry if I am an angry Mom at times but I was it is not because I just feel like it but because I want you be raise well.

I am an angry Mom at times when you do things that in the end you will be the one to feel sorry. I want you to think your action first so you don’t have to deal the consequences. I don’t want you to get hurt the reason why I needed you to listen. I am an angry Mom because I want you to be mature, I want you to know that life is not like a bed of roses that you would enjoy until the end of day, remember roses have thorns that if you will not be careful, you may not feel like it.

Even though, I am sorry that I am an angry Mom but believe me, this angry Mom want only the best for you, this angry Mom loves you so much, always ready to shield you from all the pains, and this angry Mom would always sacrifice just to give you everything in the world. Thus, I hope you would understand, why I need to be angry just for you to know which one is right and wrong. But my love, I am so sorry if I am an angry Mom.

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Taking A Bath Outside

It was weekend that Faith and Mj decided to take a bath outside, I was so busy cleaning and organizing this messy house. I saw them outside, Faith keeps on laughing at her sister aiming the hose to them. These two is really very resourceful when everything gets too boring. They will always find a way so everything can turn out to be fun.

I edited the picture through Photoshop so that’s why it got a weird background, I am not yet expert in editing though but I would like to thank my niece for guiding me on this one.

 photo mjandfaith_zpsadacab9b.jpg

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No Class Today Yet I am Still Busy

I am just so thankful that there’s no class today because I was able to accomplished everything even I am too sick. The kids are just at home when I have to run errands in downtown; they are okay with it as long as I could bring their favourite Pizza at home. Yes, I don’t have to get up early in the morning to prepare the kids and I thought I could concentrate blogging this time but how could I when I have to run here and there just to fulfil the parts of my car. Good thing there are still auto shops that are open even though it is special holiday today, anyway I accomplished everything just before 5 in the afternoon, just enough for snacks that I could bring for the kids.

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Can’t Hit Two Birds In One Stone

It already happened twice already, Faith attended a party without me. It is not that I don’t wanna go but I have to attend her sister who is competing in another town. The place is a bit far, 3 hours by bus so I just could not go then go home for my youngest.

When we get home I just enjoyed myself looking at Faith’s pictures while at the party. I could see her thrill and excitement while playing with other kids. But I hope next time I am there to witness the event. Sometimes, I would wish that my eldest would not win this DCAA so we can stay at home and play with her youngest sister but of course I would also be happy if she has a place, it give my eldest daughter a credit for training so hard in the pool. Sigh; there are times that we can’t hit two birds in one stone. I just wish the best for my daughters and enjoy the moment when they are still kids.

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