Mj’s Complaining About It

It has been a week or more that I could not send Mj to her training. She’s not complaining at all since she is together with her best friend. But what makes me worried is that when they are on the way home. The weather is very unpredictable; it gets so hot in daytime and the rain pour so hard at night. I thought that there is no flood at all in the street but I am so wrong. Mj kept on complaining of the water rising up after the hard rain while they are on their way home. My daughter said that the water would even reach up to the high light of a standard car. But since they are riding a Jeepney and Jeepney obviously is higher than the car so of course the water will not get in. And for that they can still go home without being soaked in the rain. Mj even told me that good thing I am not driving her there because she is sure that I will be nagging about it and will not take a risk next time at all.

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And So We Decided

Last Friday during our dinner at Sumo Sam in Abreeza Mall, My daughter keeps on telling me that she doesn’t like to be on training that night. I convinced her to train today because their competition is already around the corner. I admit my daughter nowadays does not like to join the training. I just persist her to.

On our way to the pool, she does not talk at all and even when we are already in the pool. My friend even asked me what happen to Mj since she is not talking or smiling at all.  She advised me to talk to her and whatever decision that Mj will have, I should have to respect otherwise I will just be wasting money while she doesn’t have interest anymore.

So later that night, I talked to her about her training and what’s her plan. Mj seems like she is already decided and that’s to stop swimming. I talked to my husband regarding her decision. My husband advised me to let it go, and that we can still afford to send her to college even though there’s already a slim chance she can get a scholarship through swimming.

I talked to Mj again in the morning and told her about the consequences of her stopping the swimming. Even though I laid all the effects if she will stop, she still stands on her decision. And so we decided…

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Accompanying Her To Her Training

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I made a promise to my daughter Mj that I will accompany her on the pool when it’s my day off, so last Thursday  after I fetched Faith from school, we went out right away so she will not be late to her training. But even though I was with her, I can feel that she doesn’t like to train anymore. I am not sure if this will be the last time or she would still want to continue her swimming journey but whatever her decision, I am always be here no matter what. I will always support her.

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Train Hard To Prove Her Worth

This is what I don’t like about this sports, it is always a mess. On the first day of the competition we heard that there’s a commotion between the coach of the DepEd and a private coach. The mess is about the relay of the kids, the private coach told the D coach that the line-up is not good and that includes Mj. The private coach said this is what I heard that Mj is not fast enough to be on the relay. As what I heard from hearsay that the private coach wanted to have all his swimmers to be in one relay. He even pointed his finger to the chin of the D coach. When I heard about this, I told the parent who told me about what happen, I felt sad for Mj I know she strive hard but with that word, it is frustrating and disappointing. On the other hand, later she did not mind it at all, she just has to strive hard and train hard so she can prove her worth next time.

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